Трудово-Кооперативно Земеделско Стопанство

април 13, 2009

Death Metal Vicar

Filed under: видео,интересно,музика,смях — Dancho Barabancho @ 2:44 pm

Дългоочакваното продължение на Heavy Metal Farmer!


It’s all about easter, man!
I don’t care about Christmas
Or any other holiday
All the others are for pansies
Like valentines day.

YOU have treasure hunts.
And you get chocolate eggs

Some of these days,
YEAH I don’t want anything else
that’s ALL i Need for me
every day
every night
oh yeah
oh, YEAH!

Oh My It’s the BEST

I couldn’t live with anything else but easter
it’s the one that i need

-Nawt christmas
I just
…don’t need it anymore, I know!

Just the way it is.

Оригинал: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QdF2OeZxC4


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